What is Buttertongue?

Buttertongue: Spread butter on your tongue. Represents the ability to speak as fluently as a native.

Buttertongue is a German eLearning program taught by German instructors. We recommend taking German lessons in German right from the basics. Learn it from natives, before you built bad habits.

Understand the lessons by listening to the native teacher with your ear and reading the subtitles with your eyes. There are course materials containing all the important expressions of everyday life, a complimentary lesson series by a manager about German grammar, and a “Good Question Room” that gives detailed answers to questions from all our members. In particular, the complimentary lesson series in English summarizes the parts that may be missed in the native teacher lessons.

Begin German with German teachers

German has clear pronunciation rules and few exceptions, so if you learn how to pronounce it, you can easily read and write new words. That's why you should listen to native lessons and understand the contents through subtitles. When you encounter a new word, you should listen to it repeatedly, read it, pronounce it, and try to use it. If you took the lessons in English subtitles, then boldly watch it again with German subtitles this time. You may recognize and understand things you missed before. This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to learn German.

All of Buttertongue's contents was created for you to learn German as quickly as possible.

The Buttertongue method may seem difficult at first. However German isn’t an easy language. German nouns have to be memorized together with their definite articles like they are two sides of a coin. That’s because every noun has a gender and the article changes with every case.

When you learn a new noun you have to make sure to learn the article together with the word itself. Otherwise you will not be able to use the word in a sentence, and you will have to memorize it again, this time with its proper article.

Our flashcard program and our course materials have all been created around this unique feature of the German language. Learning German this way may seem slow at first, but in the end it really is the fastest way. This principle is the reason we use native German teachers.

Is it easy to learn German?

German is not easy

There is no easy way to learn German. But there is a fast way. That is to deliberately expose yourself to a German speaking environment as much as possible. Learn the language aggressively and proactively. This method may involve a bit of stress, but there is no faster way around it. Jump into an ocean of German and involve yourself with as much German as possible. It is hardest, yet the most easy way.

With best regards...

Even to people who already know a bit of German, we recommend you taking our courses as a means of revisiting the things you've learnt. If you are planning to study in Germany, find out how your pronunciation differs from native speakers, check if you have all the basics down, and examine if you are ready to listen to classes in Germany.

Buttertongue's content was created so that those who are truly ready to learn, can take the most effective path to get to their goal. If you are ready begin. And enjoy.

We put our hearts into our content. We will answer all of your questions and difficulties. We commit to you being able to learn German as effectively as possible at an affordable price.